At the Summer Game Fest 2024 presentation, one of the trailers shown was for Squad Busters, Supercell's new mobile game. In a conversation with GamesIndustry, Supercell's Head of Marketing Rob Lowe stated that mobile games should be just as integral to such shows as console and PC games.

Ken Jeong in the trailer for Squad Busters at Summer Game Fest

Lowe believes that there is no sense in ignoring the mobile segment, considering it accounts for half of the total gaming market revenue. Moreover, Lowe thinks modern smartphones can certainly be compared to portable consoles. In the near future, thanks to cloud services from Xbox and Netflix, gamers will start playing many games for "big" platforms on them.

Lowe added that initially, the organizers of the Summer Game Fest did not want to include Squad Busters in their program. They agreed after learning that actor Ken Jeong (Kendrick Kang-Joh "Ken" Jeong) would present the game's trailer at the show.