This afternoon, Russian media began to massively report that the Community section of the Steam platform was included by Roskomnadzor in the list of sites with information prohibited in Russia. Then the site disappeared from the unified registry.

According to the published screenshots, the Steam section, in which users post their screenshots, videos, and guides for games hosted on the platform, was added to the registry on February 22. The body that made such a decision was the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Screen source: Fontanka

Getting on the list of banned sites could threaten Steam with blocking on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the platform has been functioning properly in the country for the last few days.

Moreover, at the time of writing this news, the mention of Communities ( ) it has disappeared from the Roskomnadzor website. Now, when you enter this address or the address of the service itself ( ) it is reported that "nothing was found" on the request.

And here is the screenshot that was made after 16.30 by the App2Top editorial board