Representatives of the service for game developers Balancy announced the receipt of investments in the amount of 500 thousand dollars from the "veterans of the gaming industry".

Pavel Ignatov and Andrey Apanasik

The amount raised will be used to further improve the service, which specializes in helping to operate game services. Balancy offers a universal event and monetization control panel. A number of private investors have invested in the round:
  • Max Kamenkov — CEO and Founder of Splitmetrics;
  • Radostin Petrov — Founder of Zariba Group and Casualino;
  • Sergey Kovalenko — CEO and Founder of Vention and Braavo Capital;
  • Seth Sivak is a former VP of Development in World of Warcraft.
The transaction took place during the seed stage. However, the round is not closed yet. The Balancy team is currently looking for a lead investor. "Most mobile games today work as services. Studios are spending a huge amount of resources on the engineering aspects of LiveOps, instead of focusing on creating creative monetization approaches that could significantly increase LTV. That's why I'm so glad to see unique solutions from Balancy. They accelerate the development of service games, open up freedom for experimentation and, as a result, increase LTV," Sivak said as part of the deal.

Universal event control panel

In total, the service has attracted 700 thousand dollars so far. Earlier, as part of the pre-seed round, Alexander Lyubchenko, CMO at Kosmos Games, and Andrey Avsievich, co-founder of Bulba Ventures, invested in the startup. Balancy was founded in 2022 by Pavel Ignatov and Andrey Apanasik, founders of the Unnyhog game studio (both graduates of the Y Combinator program), as well as Yulia Ilyyuk, former head of devtodev business development department.