Playkot Studio announced that downloads of its mobile game in the Spring Valley Expedition genre exceeded 11.58 million.

According to the developers, Spring Valley has collected the last 1.5 million downloads in a month.

Playkot did not share other Spring Valley indicators. Recall that in October 2023, she reported that the monthly active audience of the game is 1.3 million people - twice as many as six months earlier.

According to the AppMagic analytics platform, Spring Valley set a record for daily revenue yesterday. During the day, the game earned $29.5 thousand only with IAP after the studio paid app store commissions and taxes. In total, Spring Valley has raised $9 million to date.

Dynamics of Spring Valley's daily income over the past six months, according to AppMagic data

The global release of Spring Valley took place in May 2022.

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