Elisabeth Pellen has resigned as creative director of the pirate action game Skull and Bones. She became the third creative director to leave the game team.

Pellen will continue to work at Ubisoft, but now not in the Singapore office, but at the company’s headquarters in Paris.

Ubisoft, in a media comment, reported that at a late stage of development, creative directors often switch to other projects. However, Kotaku sources claim that Pellen was supposed to work at Ubisoft Singapore at least until the end of the year.

According to Kotaku, Pellen left the Skull and Bones team amid a mixed press reaction to the closed beta test of the game. Problems with development could also affect her departure. According to Kotaku, the company is still undecided about the release date of the game: it was originally assumed that Skull and Bones would be released in 2018.

Also, the trade union movement is gaining strength in Ubisoft Singapore. This week there will be a vote for or against the official creation of a trade union of office employees.