In 2024, gaming companies are downsizing much more aggressively than a year ago. According to the Game Industry Layoffs portal, 10,425 specialists were laid off in the industry from January to May. This is just 41 people fewer than for all of 2023.

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Most of the layoffs occurred in January, when companies laid off 6,000 employees in a single month. Afterward, the scale decreased. Specifically, in May, gaming companies laid off or announced layoffs of a total of 773 people.

Top 5 gaming companies by the number of laid-off employees from January to May 2024:

1. Microsoft — 2,150 people;
2. Unity — 1,800 people;
3. Sony — 900 people;
4. Electronic Arts — 670 people;
5. Take-Two Interactive — 600 people.


Game Industry Layoffs