Rostec State Corporation is interested in video games. She is considering the possibility of developing a game based on the art project "Fighting Monsters", in which military equipment is depicted in the image of fantastic animals. According to the company, this way it will be able to promote important values for Russia.

It is unclear what kind of game Rostec is going to make. In the official Telegram channel, the state corporation announced that it had not decided on either the genre, the concept, the platform, or the possible budget of the game. Rostec stated only that the game should be "guided by the cultural codes of Russia", be educational and educational.

"Western-made gaming products, which are now being distributed in our country, often carry a negative message towards Russian culture, our people, traditions and worldview. Domestic igrostroy can certainly compete with foreign video games and produce a product that can interest Russian gamers and at the same time broadcast the right national values to them. In the future, we are considering the possibility of working in this industry. The concept art created within the framework of the project can serve as a good start," the state corporation wrote.

Rostec is currently discussing possible partners.

Last year, Rostec already showed interest in video games. In July 2022, the Kommersant newspaper reported that Rostec wants to develop a domestic game engine and is seeking funding from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Later, the state corporation confirmed that it was working on an engine, but not a purely gaming one — its product can also be used for industrial modeling, science, medicine, education and culture.

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RIA Novosti