The company DON’T NOD shared a preliminary report for 2022. It received record operating revenue and became profitable again.

▪️DON’T NOD’s operating revenue for the last year amounted to €30 million. Growth by 12.5%. However, ordinary revenue fell by 32.8% to €7 million.

▪️Sales of Gerda: A Flame in Winter and games from the back catalog brought the company €0.9 million.

▪️Consolidated net profit increased to €2.6 million. Recall that in 2021, DON’t NOD failed to make a profit, and it closed the year with a loss of €3.3 million.

▪️DON’T NOD plans to publish eight new games by the end of 2025. Two of them will be released in 2023. This is Harmony: The Fall of Reverie and Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

DON'T NOD Report
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