The Puny Human outsourcing studio is preparing to close. She had serious financial problems after an unnamed gaming company stopped cooperating.

Puny Human CEO Mike Sanders said in a farewell letter that there is almost no one left in the studio now. In the summer, Puny Human had to lay off 14 out of 18 employees, two more left by themselves.

Puny Human has started the liquidation process, which should be completed by the end of the year. Before closing the doors, the studio wants to sell its IP addresses. She is also thinking about opening the source code of some of her early projects.

Puny Human was discovered in 2007 by the authors of a fashion for Half-Life 2 called Dystopia. At first, the studio developed its own games, including Blade Symphony and Galacide, but in 2016 it began outsourcing. She has been involved in the development of games such as The Callisto Protocol, Splitgate, Wasteland 3, The Bard's Tale IV and Trover Saves The Universe.

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