On the evening of May 22, Street Fighter 6 was close to breaking its record for concurrent players on Steam. The fighting game was played by 70,202 users simultaneously. This was only 371 players fewer than the peak achieved right after its release.

The day before, the Steam version's online numbers were significantly lower. On May 21, Street Fighter 6 managed to attract only 28,885 concurrent players.

This surge is largely thanks to the introduction of a new character. Capcom added the iconic hero Akuma to Street Fighter 6, the younger brother of Ken and Ryu’s master. Additionally, the company released a patch with numerous improvements and balance fixes.

Furthermore, the latest 'platinum' games list from Capcom revealed that by March 31, 2024, total sales of Street Fighter 6 had grown to 3.3 million copies. Recall that the fighting game is available not only on PC but also on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.