Last year, China’s gaming market shrank by 2.4% to $45.5 billion, according to analysts at Niko Partners. Despite the fall, it remained the largest in the world.

▪️Most of the revenue came from the mobile games segment — $30.1 billion. Next come PC games — $13.11 billion. Completing the top three games for consoles — $ 2.29 billion.

In 2022, China was responsible for 31.7% of the revenue of the global mobile gaming market and 33.4% of the revenue of the global PC games market.

In 2022, Tencen t and NetEase accounted for 61% of the revenue of Chinese mobile and PC games. Although this is a large share, analysts noted that it is less than in 2021. According to Niko Partners, it has decreased due to the lack of new games for companies, the decline in popularity of old ones and increased competition.

In 2027, the revenue of the Chinese gaming market will grow to $57 billion. By this time, there will be 730 million gamers in the country.


Niko Partners