This figure was announced by the South Korean studio Neowiz. The audience of the gloomy soulslike about the adventures of Pinocchio overcame the milestone of 7 million people six months after the release of the game: Lies of P was released on September 18, 2023.

Lies of P

Note that we are talking about the number of people who have played Lies of P, and not about sales. It is unknown how many people have bought the game to date, and how many have tried it out with a Game Pass subscription.

The last time the Lies of P developers shared the game's performance was last October. Then they announced a million copies sold.

Lies of P is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The game received a warm welcome at the start. Professional critics rated the project 80-85 out of 100 on Metacritic, depending on the platform, and gamers left 92% positive reviews on Steam. At its peak, shortly after the release, the Steam version of Lies of P was simultaneously played by more than 19.6 thousand people, now online has significantly decreased and at the time of writing the news is 2011 people.

The dynamics of online Lies of P on Steam, according to SteamDB

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Lies of P