In 2021, Microsoft compiled a voluminous list of game studios and publishers that it is considering for purchase. It includes almost 200 companies, including CD PROJEKT RED, Activision Blizzard, Devolver Digital, Mundfish and MY.GAMES.

This became known from the presentation with the M &A strategy of the corporation, published as part of the proceedings with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

It is important to note: this was only a preliminary list, which included companies that met the basic criteria. For example, their projects were included in the top 100 popular games on Steam. After a thorough analysis, Microsoft has greatly reduced the number of candidates for purchase. The final list includes eight companies: IO Interactive, Bungie, Scopely, Thunderful Group, Supergiant Games, Niantic, Playrix and Zynga. It is noteworthy that Activision Blizzard was not in it.

Microsoft Presentation
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