Beacon Interactive is going to use options and take over 4A Games and Zen Studios from Embracer Group. This is indicated by a letter from the head of the company Matthew Karch to Saber Interactive employees, an excerpt from which was published in X by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier.

Metro Exodus

In the letter, Karch mentioned 4A Games and Zen Studios among the Saber Interactive subsidiaries that will become owned by Beacon Interactive after the deal with Embracer Group closes.

"Dear Saber family. Today, through the Beacon Interactive company we created, we agreed to buy out Saber (all its studios around the world and the rights to exclusive relationships with contractors), Mad Head, DIGIC, Nimble Giant, Fractured Byte, Slipgate, 3D Realms, New World Interactive, SPL, Stuntworks, Bytex, 4A and Zen (through options). In total, the staff of the purchased studios exceeds 3,000 employees. We chose these particular studios to buy because we believe they represent the best of what Saber already is and can be. This group includes some of the most talented and creative developers in the world. Our track record and, more importantly, the projects under development speak to our capabilities. I truly believe that we have the best game development team in the industry right now, thank you for that," Karch wrote.

In an official press release, Embracer Group reported that if Beacon Interactive really decides to use the options to purchase 4A Games and Zen Studios, it will have to pay "significantly more" than the current book value of the studios. She now leaves 829 million Swedish kronor, or $81 million. At the same time, PLAION will retain all publishing rights to the Metro series of games.

Recall that 4A Games and Zen Studios joined the Embracer Group through Saber Interactive in 2020. It is known that the purchase of 4A Games cost $ 45 million. The cost of Zen Studios was not disclosed.

According to Schreier, taking into account the acquisition of 4A Games and Zen Studios, the total cost of purchasing Saber Interactive assets from the Embracer Group will be about $ 500 million for Beacon Interactive. Without 4A Games and Zen Studios, it is equal to $ 247 million.

Schreier also reiterated that Saber Interactive will continue to work on the Star Wars remake.: The Knights of the Old Republic. The journalist already talked about this two weeks ago, when rumors about the sale of the company appeared.

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Jason Schreier