Microsoft wants to release more Xbox exclusives on PlayStation consoles, according to sources of journalist Jez Corden from Windows Central. According to him, the corporation does not have "red lines" for games — it can transfer any project, including key franchises, to a competing platform.

Gears 5

Corden writes that Microsoft is already working on a number of PlayStation games. "These are potentially obvious games that you most likely expect," the journalist said.

It is reported that the project to release games on other platforms has been codenamed Latitude. There is a debate at Microsoft about its appropriateness, but the project has been approved by senior management. With Latitude, the corporation allegedly hopes to improve its financial situation in the short term.

Blogger Nate the Hate, who was one of the first to announce Microsoft's plans to release games on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, partially confirmed Corden's information. He stated that the next Microsoft games may appear on other platforms during the winter holidays. Among them is Starfield.

At the moment, Microsoft has released four exclusives on PlayStation: Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Pentiment and Sea of Thieves. In April, sources at The Verge reported that the corporation would evaluate the prospects of publishing more games on competitors' consoles based on the results of Sea of Thieves.

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