At the beginning of the week, Sensor Tower announced the purchase of an analytical company . It became known that after the deal She cut about 200 employees.

The portal reported about the dismissals . He reached out to Sensor Tower for comment, but did not receive a full response. The company confirmed that in There have been cuts, but she did not say how many people were left without work. She noted that the leaders they kept their seats.

Recall that Sensor Tower warned about layoffs without specifying their scale even during the announcement of the deal.

The news about the layoffs is confirmed by reports from former employees on LinkedIn. Judging by them, the layoffs affected sales departments, product management, customer support, account management and many others.

As he writes , before layoffs in approximately 400 people worked. However, according to the company's LinkedIn account, its staff exceeds 600 people. In any case, 200 layoffs is a large number, so the company has lost a significant part of its employees.

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