The medieval town planner Manor Lords took the second place in the list of the most desired games on Steam. According to developer Greg Styczeń, he didn't even expect that so many people would be interested in his game.

Manor Lords

"When we showed the announcing trailer in 2020, my girlfriend estimated that I would be able to get 7 thousand vishlist," said Stychen. "I was more optimistic and said that there would probably be about 14,000 vishlists. I thought it would be an amazing result. But I did not expect that the game would arouse so much interest and collect over 2 million vishlist."

Currently, Manor Lords is second only to Hades II in terms of the number of vishlists on Steam.

Top 10 most desired games on Steam

Manor Lords is due to be released in early access format on Steam and GOG on April 26, 2024. On the same day, it will appear in the Game Pass subscription in the pre-release status. It is unknown when the full release will take place.

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