The Liftoff platform has released a detailed report on the situation on the casual mobile games market in the first quarter of 2023. We briefly share the main thing from it.

▪️The average CPI (price per installation) of casual games was $0.98. This is $0.12 less than a year ago. The cheapest CPI was for simulators — $ 0.59, and the most expensive for lifestyle games – $ 1.32.

If we talk about regions, the highest CPI of casual games was in North America — $3.59. For comparison, in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) it was $0.9, in the Asia-Pacific region — $0.76, and in Latin America — $0.55.

▪One of the trends of the first quarter is the addition of mini-games to projects. They were in 23% of casual games from the box office top 200.

Among all mobile games, hypercausal titles have collected the most downloads again. They accounted for 32.3% of downloads. However, this is much less than last year. Then the share of hypercage was 50%. The second place in the share of downloads for puzzles is 31.3%.