The cooperative indie horror Lethal Company managed to become the most highly rated game on Steam among all projects that were released in 2023. He beat Baldur's Gate 3, the remake of Resident Evil 4 and Dave the Diver.

The game topped the top of both SteamDB and the top Steam250. Both portals track the ratings of new games.

At the time of writing the news, Lethal Company has more than 84 thousand reviews on Steam, of which 98% are positive.

Lethal Company updates its online record on Steam almost every day. The last time she did it was on the evening of November 27. According to SteamDB, 184 thousand people played horror at the same time. Thanks to the huge interest from gamers, Lethal Company was able to take fifth place in the top of the most popular Steam games in 2023, right after Starfield (330.7 thousand people).

The dynamics of the Lethal Company online on Steam, according to SteamDB

The success of the game is impressive, considering that Lethal Company was created by a lone developer Zeekerss, who used to make games for Roblox. So much excitement around the project came as a surprise to him. The developer has not yet disclosed the sale of Lethal Company. But, as we have already reported, analysts estimate horror sales for the first three weeks since the release of early access at 642 thousand copies, and its gross revenue at $ 5.7 million.

Before the release of Lethal Company, it was almost not covered in major media, articles began to be actively published after the game began to show good results on Steam. This situation is not uncommon for indie hits from small teams. For example, a similar story was with Phasmophobia, Among Us, Dread Hunger and BattleBit Remastered. The media rarely pay attention to such projects before they become popular, due to the poor quality of their graphics or other aspects that do not correspond to the generally accepted image of beautiful and successful games. Therefore, indie hits often owe their success to streamers. Speaking of Lethal Company, streams on it on Twitch at its peak attracted 180.7 thousand simultaneous viewers, and the number of hours of steam views on this game over the past seven days exceeded 7.6 million (according to TwitchTracker). Also, interest in horror was fueled by videos that were posted on social networks.

Lethal Company attracts with fascinating gameplay. According to the plot, gamers work for the Company and must collect space debris on abandoned moons, not forgetting to fulfill the Company's norm. An unfulfilled norm does not bode well. In addition, the nights in the game are very dangerous.