Sensor Tower has published a report on the mobile gaming market in South Korea for the first half of 2024. Here’s what the analysts discovered.

Last War: Survival

  • In the period from January to June 2024, the market revenue amounted to $2.75 billion. This is slightly higher than last year, which was $2.72 billion.
  • The most generous users were from Google Play. Over six months, they spent $2.03 billion in games (-2.3%). App Store users spent the remaining $710 million (+10.3%).
  • Last War: Survival was the highest-grossing game of the half-year in South Korea. It alone accounted for 30% of all mobile strategy game revenue in the country, totaling approximately $160 million.
  • For the first time since 2017, half of the top 10 best-selling games were from developers outside of South Korea. Among the international hits were Last War: Survival, Legend of Mushroom, Whiteout Survival, Brawl Stars, and Royal Match.
  • Mobile game downloads in South Korea amounted to 1.9 billion in the first half of the year. This is a decrease of 30 million compared to last year.
  • 1.3 billion downloads (-17%) were from Google Play games, and 600 million downloads (+17%) were from App Store games.
  • The top 5 most downloaded games of the half-year were Legend of Mushroom, Last War: Survival, Royal Match, Squad Busters, and Zero 9.


Sensor Tower