The Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (UOKiK) suspects that a number of digital gaming platforms are hindering the development of competition. It has launched a preliminary investigation.

God of War: Ragnarök

The agency believes that platforms can:

  • to abuse its dominant position in the digital game distribution market;
  • exploit game developers and publishers;
  • interfere with the pricing policy of games and discounts;
  • to prevent the sale of games on competing platforms or in other online stores;
  • to prevent competitors from entering the market.

In particular, UOKiK is going to explore the work of Steam and the PlayStation Store. It has already conducted an audit at Sony's headquarters in Poland and the offices of two Polish game developers/publishers.

In an official statement, UOKiK stressed that at this stage it is not making accusations against specific companies, but is conducting proceedings in the case as a whole. But if the evidence gathered confirms his suspicions, UOKiK will bring such charges.

Companies that violate Polish antitrust laws face fines of up to 10% of annual income. In addition, managers who were responsible for the implementation of anti-competitive practices may be additionally fined up to 2 million zlotys (506 thousand dollars).

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