Last month, the gaming industry continued to be stormed. According to the Game Industry Layoffs portal, in April, gaming companies fired or announced the dismissal of at least 1003 people.

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This is almost twice as much as in March, but still significantly less than at the very beginning of the year.

  • The number of layoffs in January was 5,995*;
  • The number of layoffs in February was 2,027;
  • The number of layoffs in March was 597 people*.

Compared to last year, the number of layoffs increased by 132.7%. In April 2023, Game Industry Layoffs counted 431 layoffs.

Top 5 gaming companies with the largest number of laid-off employees in April:

1. Take-Two Interactive — 600 people;
2. Possibility Space — 70 people;
3. Singularity 6 — 49 people;
4. Ubisoft — 45 people;
5. Relic Entertainment — 41 people.

In addition, major layoffs took place at Kwalee, Spearhead Games, Bold Spirit Game Studio, Traega Entertainment, NCsoft, KeokeN Interactive, Flaming Fowl Studios and a number of other companies. It should be noted that the statistics of the Game Industry Layoffs did not include layoffs at Belka Games — it reduced 20% of the staff. Layoffs in some other companies may have gone unnoticed, so the actual scale of layoffs is unknown.

*According to the updated data. Previously, it was reported about 5,900 dismissed gaming specialists in January and 628 in March.

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Game Industry Layoffs