The cooperative shooter Helldivers 2 interrupted Palworld's three-week lead in the chart of the highest-grossing products on Steam. In the week from February 6 to 13, he got the first place in the chart — this is taking into account both premium games and free titles.

Helldivers 2

Earlier, Arrowhead Studio CEO Johan Pilestedt announced that Helldivers 2 sold a million copies in three days. In addition to PC, the game is available on PlayStation 5. As of February 12, the peak online Helldivers 2 on both platforms was 360 thousand people, which is the maximum number of users that the game's servers are now able to accommodate.

Palworld dropped to fourth place on the Steam chart. She lost in weekly sales on the site not only to Helldivers 2, but also to Counter-Strike 2 with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League failed to make the top ten weekly bestsellers this time. She moved from the tenth line immediately to 63.

Top 10 highest-grossing products on Steam for the week of February 6-13

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