Although Ghost of Tsushima was removed from sale on Steam in 181 countries, the game still did well in Valve's store. It topped the paid game sales chart for the week of May 14 to May 21, displacing Hades II from the number one spot.

Ghost of Tsushima

In the overall chart, which also includes free-to-play games, Ghost of Tsushima took the second place, right after Counter-Strike 2.

Hades II dropped to eighth place in the overall chart. The first part of Hades even dropped out of the top 100.

Thanks to a 15% discount, Baldur’s Gate 3 climbed 20 spots in the chart — from 26th to sixth place. Weekly sales of Cyberpunk 2077 also saw a significant increase, moving the game from 61st to seventh place.

Top 10 highest-grossing premium products on Steam for the week of May 14 to May 21:

1. Ghost of Tsushima;
2. Steam Deck;
3. Baldur’s Gate 3;
4. Cyberpunk 2077;
5. Hades II;
6. Helldivers 2;
7. Elden Ring;
8. V Rising;
9. Fallout 76;
10. Stellaris.

Top 20 highest-grossing products on Steam for the week of May 14 to May 21 including free-to-play games