The police detained several former Ubisoft managers, according to the French trade union Solidaires Informatique. They were interrogated in the case of harassment.

The union did not say how many people were taken into custody. He also did not mention their names.

Recall that in June 2020, a number of Ubisoft managers were accused of systematic harassment of subordinates. After that, the company took measures to improve the corporate culture. In particular, Ubisoft fired some managers, updated the company's code of conduct, officially banning any form of harassment, and also launched special trainings for employees.

Nevertheless, activists believe that Ubisoft has not done enough. For example, they claim that the HR department of the company still employs people who covered up harassment.

Update: The French newspaper Liberation reports that the police have detained five former employees of the company. Among them are Serge Hascoët, former creative director of Ubisoft, and Tommy François, former vice president of the group overseeing game development.

A source:

Solidaires Informatique