Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson has announced a new stage of restructuring. As part of it, all the company’s internal studios will be distributed between two divisions: EA Entertainment and EA SPORTS.

According to Wilson, this will give studios more creative freedom and allow them to make decisions related to development and market strategy faster.

A little more about the divisions:

▪️EA SPORTS will handle EA SPORTS FC (formerly known as FIFA), Madden NFL and other EA sports games. The head of EA SPORTS will be Cam Weber, the former vice president of the label of the same name;

▪️EA Entertainment is, in fact, renamed EA Games. She will be responsible for all other IP companies and games under license. It will be headed by Laura Miele, who previously served as EA’s Chief Operating Officer.

Two top managers will also leave EA: Chris Bruzzo, head of EA Experiences, and Chris Suh, CFO.


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