The new game by miHoYo couldn't dethrone Dungeon & Fighter Mobile as the highest-grossing mobile game on the Chinese market on its release day, according to Sensor Tower data. Analysts calculated that on July 4, Zenless Zone Zero earned two and a half times less in China than Dungeon & Fighter Mobile.

Zenless Zone Zero — on the left, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile — on the right

According to Sensor Tower, on July 4th, Chinese App Store users spent $3.4 million on Zenless Zone Zero, while Dungeon & Fighter Mobile amassed $8.5 million. The earnings from Chinese Android stores are unknown.

Global user spending on the mobile version of Zenless Zone Zero amounted to $5.9 million on its debut day, writes Sensor Tower. Previously, we reported via the AppMagic service that worldwide, the game earned $3.99 million in the App Store and Google Play on July 3 and 4. The figures differ because Sensor Tower and AppMagic calculate game revenues differently.