The French company DON'T NOD has released a preliminary financial report for 2023. We share the main thing from it.


  • DON'T NOD's operating revenue amounted to 32.1 million euros, an increase of 6.8% compared to 2022. This is the best result in the company's history.
  • Sales tripled over the year, reaching 2.9 million euros. This was achieved thanks to the stable performance of games from the back catalog and the successful launch of Jusant.

  • DON'T NOD increased game development costs by 16.8% to 26.8 million euros. The company currently has seven titles in development. Five of them are made by DON'T NOD itself, two are made by third—party teams.
  • DON'T NOD has revised the book value of its IP and decided to write off approximately 10.5 million euros from its fixed capital. According to the company, this will not affect its finances.
  • The company noted that 2023 was a difficult year for it. A lot of good games came out last year, and DON'T NOD titles had a hard time competing with them. As a result, Harmony: the Fall of Reverie earned less than it could have, and the Banishers release: Ghosts of New Eden had to be postponed from November 7, 2023 to February 13, 2024.
  • As part of the report, DON'T NOD announced a restructuring. She decided to divide the company into three areas, each of which will deal with games of a specific genre. These will be RPGs, action-adventure games and story-driven adventure games.
  • DON'T NOD is not planning layoffs during the restructuring. The company currently employs about 350 people.

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