Two more studios owned by Embracer Group suffered from the restructuring of the holding. This time the layoffs affected the American Cryptic Studios and the Hungarian Zen Studios.

Timur222 enthusiast drew attention to the layoffs at Cryptic Studios. He noticed that several studio employees wrote on social networks that they had recently been fired. Among them were gameplay engineer David Nishball, senior technical artist Chris Penny, and senior game designer Jesse Heinig.

The extent of the cuts at Cryptic Studios is unknown.

The layoffs at Zen Studios also became known from social networks. Community manager Adam Dienes wrote on X (former Twitter) that on October 13, the studio fired him along with 30 other developers.

According to the portal , a total of 32 people were fired from Zen Studios. This is a serious blow for the studio, which employs just over 80 people (according to LinkedIn).

Cryptic Studios is known primarily for the MMO games City of Heroes, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. As for Zen Studios, its portfolio includes games such as Pinball FX, Zen Pinball and Circus Electrique.

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