Apex Legends Battle Royale managed to top the weekly Steam sales chart, surpassing Steam Deck, Counter-Strike 2 and other products at the box office. The last time this happened was almost a year ago — in February 2023.

An event called Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takeover, which began on January 9, helped to break through to the top of the Apex Legends top. It will last until the end of the month, so it is likely that the game will stay in the top ten all this time.

At the same time, the daily online Apex Legends on Steam has not changed. As before the collaboration, an average of about 300 thousand Steam users log into the game at the same time every day.

Top 10 highest-grossing products on Steam from January 9th to January 16th (both free and premium projects are taken into account):

1. Apex Legends;
2. Steam Deck;
4. Counter-Strike 2;
5. Lethal Company;
6. Baldur’s Gate 3;
7. Call of Duty;
8. War Thunder;
9. Dota 2;
10. Warframe.

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