Steam is experiencing a boom in cooperative projects, according to a report by the analytical service VG Insights. Last year, 799 cooperative games were released on the platform — the highest number since at least 2018.

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For comparison, in 2022, 701 cooperative games were released on Steam. In 2021, there were 650 such new releases, in 2020 there were 647, in 2019 there were 388, and in 2018 there were 383.

According to VG Insights, last year the share of cooperative games among all 2023 releases on Steam was 5.7%. However, they accounted for 36% of all sales.

The median sales of cooperative games on Steam are 38 thousand copies. For games without cooperation, this figure is almost eight times lower — 5 thousand copies. According to analysts' calculations, to date, 106 cooperative games have sold over 5 million copies on Steam. Among the bestsellers released in 2024 are Palworld (19.1 million copies) and Helldivers 2 (11.4 million copies).


VG Insights