The development of Skull and Bones is expensive for Ubisoft. In order for the company to consider the launch of the game a success, the pirate action on the release should fetch at least $ 300 million. This assessment was shared by analyst Roberto Serrano.

Serrano pointed out that the budget of Skull and Bones has already reached $150 million: $120 million was spent on the game by mid-2022 and another $30 million by mid-2023. Serrano took the $120 million figure from the LinkedIn account of former project manager Cheng Zhi Xiang. Whether it takes into account marketing costs is unknown.

As an example, the analyst cited the budget and starting revenue of a number of hit games:

▪️Red Dead Redemption 2: budget — $80-100 million, revenue — $1 billion;
▪️The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: budget — $100 million, revenue — $620 million;
▪️GTA V: budget — $265 million, revenue — $1 billion;
▪️Cyberpunk 2077: budget — $316 million, revenue — $536 million;
▪️Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: budget — $500 million, revenue — $1 billion.

Note that some of the data in this list differ from those previously published by the media. For example, the total budget of Red Dead Redemption 2 (development + marketing), according to various estimates, ranges from $ 370 million to $540 million.


Roberto Serrano