At the beginning of April, VK Play told about the games for which films gamers from Russia would like to play. Now, in a new study, she, along with the direction of “Games” in Skillbox, found out what gamers think about movie adaptations of games.

68% of respondents said that they feel good about films based on games. 33% believe that film adaptations allow you to look at history from a new angle. 25% are sure that such films increase interest in the gaming industry. 21% noted that films can better reveal the characters and show what happened next in the game world.

The disadvantages of game adaptations were the desire of the creators of films to make money on fans (34%), the probability that the film will spoil the impression of the game (26%) and the speculation of the motives of the characters (24%).

According to the respondents, the most suitable genres for film adaptation are adventure (42%), action (26%) and RPG (19%).

▪️Most of all in Russia are waiting for a film based on Atomic Heart — 45% of respondents want to see it. Next are the movie adaptations of Cyberpunk 2077 (44%), God of War (35%), Red Dead Redemption 2 (33%) and GTA (26%).


VK Play