95% of Russian gamers do not mind playing a game based on their favorite movie or TV series, according to the VK Play platform. She conducted a study and found out which game adaptations of film works the residents of Russia would most like to see.

Among domestic paintings, the majority of survey participants chose the dilogy “Brother”, – 18% of gamers would play the game according to it. Also, many would not refuse games based on “The Last Hero” (15%), “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the Snake” (15%), “Night Watch” (13%) and “Major Thunder” (9%).

“Sherlock Holmes” (22%), “Avatar” (22%), “Jumanji” (19%), “Game of Thrones” (12%), “Stay Alive” (11%) and “The Walking Dead” (11%) were the leaders among foreign films and TV series.

The VK Play study involved 1,200 people over the age of 18.


VK Play