The young Russian Case studio decided to develop its own game engine. She plans to make its use free for indie teams, but without access to the source code.

Perhaps indie teams will be able to access the source code if they buy a license. At least, according to this scheme, Case is going to work with large companies.

Technical details of the engine:

  • The Case Engine will be a cross-platform engine;
  • Developers will be able to use the C++, Python, Lua and CSE programming languages. The latter language was created by the Case studio itself. If desired, it will be possible to combine all these languages in projects on the engine;
  • at the start, the Case Engine will support DirectX 11, in version 2.0.0 the rendering will be rewritten for DirectX 12;
  • The Case Engine will be fully compatible with the Blender 3D modeling package. It is assumed that the actions from Blender will be displayed in real time in the Case Engine. For example, as the studio explains, if developers move an object to Blender, the object will immediately change its position in the engine environment.

There are currently seven people in the Case Engine team. Judging by the studio's social networks, the engine is currently 15% ready. Its release is scheduled to take place in 2025. Note that another Russian engine, the Nau Engine, is scheduled to be released in the same year.

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