On September 18, a lot of confidential Microsoft documents appeared on the web, published as evidence in court with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, a significant part of them is already outdated.

Spencer wrote on X (Twitter), it’s hard for him to watch the work of the Microsoft team spread in this way. He pointed out that a lot has changed by today: “We will share real plans when we are ready,” Spencer concluded.

The merged documents mentioned, for example, Microsoft’s desire to buy Nintendo and Valve, plans to release a new generation of Xbox consoles in 2028, prices for getting games into the Game Pass, unannounced games from internal studios and other things.

Shortly after the leak, FTC representatives said that the agency was not to blame for it. Then Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley (Jacqueline Scott Corley) reported that the documents in unedited form were provided by Microsoft itself.


The Verge