The company-developer of one of the most popular game engines – Unity Technologies – is considering the possibility of its own sale, – says GamesBeat. 


Not a day without news of a major deal. And now the news has gone one after another (Mojang, Path). Another thing is that this particular material as such can hardly be called big news, because so far we are talking only about the fact that the company’s management is only considering the possibility of selling Unity. 

In other words, the company may or may not be sold. In the first case, the transaction amount may reach $1 – $2 billion, which, however, does not seem so big today, given that Supercell costs more, and Mojang is going to be bought for similar money. 

As our colleagues from GamesBeat write, conversations about a possible sale of the company began after one of the largest shareholders of the company, Nicholas Francis, who left Unity in 2013, decided to sell part of the company’s shares on the secondary market. After that, one of the potential buyers offered to buy out Nicholas’ entire stake in Unity.

Such a proposal stopped Unity from selling shares and suggested a possible sale of the entire company. To do this, she even contacted the investment bank Qatalyst Partners, as we understand, for consulting reasons.

But, according to GamesBeat sources, this is nothing more than one of the possible ways to develop the company. At the moment, the company is at a “crossroads”. 

We, in turn, believe that the deal, given the current position of the company, which, in fact, today is one of the largest players in the market, almost a monopolist, in the process of creating a powerful publishing service platform, and he buys the companies necessary for his purposes, does not make sense.

What do you think?

A source: http://venturebeat.comUnity is a very popular engine among mobile app developers, allowing you to develop games for most existing platforms, including PC, Facebook, iOS, Android, portable and home consoles.

One of the key features of the toolkit since its release has been a user-friendly editor.