Chinese TiMi Studios is part of Tencent and is known for such hits as Honor of Kings and Call of Duty Mobile. Last year, its revenue reached a fabulous $10 billion. Now the company intends to make not only mobile games, but also projects for other platforms.This is reported by Reuters with reference to two sources familiar with the situation.

Financial results for 2020 made TiMi Studios the largest game developer in the world — regardless of the platform.

This year, the studio will introduce a new MOBA Pokémon Unite for mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch. After that, TiMi Studios will switch to the development of AAA titles for PC and consoles. One of these games will be a large-budget project with a kind of virtual platform, similar to the one we saw in the movie “Ready Player One” (Ready Player One).

“Now the studio uses its experience and knowledge to create high—quality games for the global market that will be available to all players regardless of their preferred platform, says analyst Daniel Ahmad.

According to Reuters, Tencent is going to open several offices in Los Angeles. One will be for TiMi Studios and the other for Lightspeed & Quantum, the developers of PUBG Mobile.

In March, it became known that Tencent’s annual revenue exceeded $70 billion, of which $29.3 billion came from games. In the future, the company intends not only to develop the gaming division, but also to make sure that at least half of its revenue falls on foreign markets.