A new report on the Polish gaming market has shown that there are many successful studios in the country besides CD Projekt RED. Total revenue in the sector for 2019 amounted to €479 million and increased by 32%. We chose the main thing from the 144-page report.

A large report was prepared by the organizers of the local Game Industry Conference together with the Polish Agency for Business Development and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

General market dataAt the moment, there are 440 developer studios in Poland, employing a total of 9,710 people;

  • every year, 480 new games are released in the country, and the number of gamers in the country totals 16 million people;
  • General data of the Polish gaming industry

the consumer market is estimated at $596 million.

  • At the same time, 96% of the revenue Polish studios receive in other regions;There is also a growing interest in esports in Poland.
  • This market is estimated at $11.5 million;CD Projekt RED showed the highest revenue in 2019 — €117 million.
  • This is largely due to the success of The Witcher 3 game, which sold 6 million copies last year alone;for comparison, all the other studios together generated revenue of €362 million.
  • General indicators of the Polish market

Companies with the largest capitalization

CD Projekt, which is currently preparing for the release of Cyberpunk 2077, is estimated at €8.6 billion;

  • Ten Square Games is estimated at €887 million.
  • The company has 200 published mobile games, including Fishing Clash and Wild Hunt;The publisher of PlayWay, known for such games as Thief Simulator and House Flipper, is estimated at € 736 million;
  • The capitalization of 11 bit Studios is estimated at €268 million.
  • Among their most famous games are This War of Mine and Frostpunk;Creepy Jar, which developed the Green Hell survival simulator, is estimated at €175 million.
  • Comparison of CD Projekt revenue with other companies in Poland

Employment data

at the moment, there are 10 companies in Poland with a staff of more than 200 people;

  • most companies (40%) have from 6 to 16 employees;
  • 39% of studios consist of only 5 or fewer people, and 10% of companies have at least 40 employees.
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