Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery earned $300 million by its third anniversary, and its combined downloads in the App Store and Google Play amounted to 82 million. Such conclusions were shared by Sensor Tower analysts.

The mobile game in the Harry Potter universe was released on April 25, 2018 and quickly attracted a lot of attention from the audience. During the premiere week alone, she collected over $12 million in revenue and 13 million downloads. Hogwarts Mystery earned its first $100 million nine months after its release. And two months later, the title received the title of the most profitable among the games of the Jam City studio.

Over time, Hogwarts Mystery’s performance began to decline. According to analysts, the game’s revenue for 2019 amounted to only $ 74 million.

Nevertheless, to date, the game again gives excellent results. Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hogwarts Mystery has already earned $95 million last year. In April 2021, the total revenue of the game since its release reached $ 300 million.

The main markets for player spending for Hogwarts Mystery were: USA ($156 million or 52%), Germany (8.4%) and the UK (7.8%). Slightly more than half of the game’s revenue came from App Store users — 52.6%.

The bulk of Hogwarts Mystery downloads were provided by the USA (16 million or 20%). The second place went to Brazil (7.6%), and France closes the top three. Google Play users generated 58% of title installations.

Hogwarts Mystery is not the only and not the most moneyed game in the Harry Potter universe. In June 2019, Niantic released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and in September 2020, Zynga released Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells. The revenue of both over the past six months amounted to $4 million and $62 million, respectively. Hogwarts Mystery has collected $53 million during this time, which secured the second place in the list.