The demand for mobile HTML5 games in Russia and the CIS is growing. According to the Odnoklassniki social network, in the first five months of 2020, they paid 360 million rubles (about $ 5.2 million) to the developers of such games. This is 80% more than in the same period a year earlier.

The mentioned 360 million includes both the revenue of developers from IAP and from ad impressions. The latter have just become the main driver of growth. Compared to last year’s figures, they have grown by a significant 87%.

Such dynamics in Odnoklassniki are also explained by the forced self-isolation of citizens. “Games have become one of the most popular and fastest growing social network services at a time when a large number of users were forced to stay at home,” the press release says.

In addition to payments, other indicators have also increased:

  • this May, the audience of the gaming platform on mobile devices increased by 31% compared to last year;
  • the total number of installations of games in Odnoklassniki (here we are talking about both mobile and desktop) increased by 23% in annual terms over the same month.

By the way, since we mentioned HTML5 games, we remind you that an online conference on HTML5 game development will be held on July 7. It is called HTML5 Game Developer Day and will bring together speakers from companies such as Cocos, Snap, Facebook, SoftGames, CoolGames, Odnoklassniki and many others.

Also on the topic:

  • Odnoklassniki will pay $49.6 million to game developers in 2019
  • Odnoklassniki paid $50.8 million to game developers in 2018

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