Developers will be able to receive 90% of revenue in MY.GAMES Store. But this only applies to the spending of users, whom the authors of the game brought themselves.

MY.GAMES informs about this in a press release.

Now the store has a classic revenue distribution scheme: 70% — to the publisher/developer, 30% — to the site. This industry standard is valid on Steam, Google Play and many other stores.

However, MY.GAMES considers “a high commission is unfair if the developer independently promotes a project hosted on our platform.” Therefore, an alternative option will be implemented.

Developers will be able to get 90% of revenue from users who were brought to the store themselves. You will be able to control this process using the developer’s dashboard. There will be analytics on transitions, registrations, user returns, MAU and other metrics. Payments can also be tracked.

MY.GAMES Store launched in open beta at the end of last year. According to his website, 180 games have been published on it now (half of them are free—play). In the second half of the year, the site is going to increase the catalog to 300 games.

Recall that the project is focused on the international market. In total, he and other gaming stores of the MY.GAMES brand have a MAU of 13 million.

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