“Battle Royale” Fortnite Battle Royale generated $5.3 million on in-game purchases. Microtransactions appeared in the game 10 days ago, you can only buy cosmetic items through them. The title was released on March 15 on iOS, and so far you can get into it only by invitation.

This is reported by the Sensor Tower analytical platform.

The revenues of the mobile Fortnite Battle Royale turned out to be significantly higher than those of its competitors in the genre for the same period. The “Battle Royale” Knives Out earned $355 thousand in the first 10 days, and the revenue of Rules of Survival was only $135 thousand. Both games were released by the Chinese publisher NetEase.

Revenue comparison of mobile “royal battles”, Sensor Tower
The main rival of the mobile version of the Epic Games hit in the future should be PUBG Mobile from the Chinese corporation Tencent.

It was released on iOS and Android on March 18. The game managed to overtake Fortnite in downloads in a number of countries, including Russia.

But it is impossible to compare the income of two titles from microtransactions now — in-game purchases are still inactive in PUBG Mobile.

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