The freeplay battler Hero Wars (also known in Russia as “Chronicles of Chaos“) has reached a significant figure. The title, developed by a team with Russian roots, collected its first billion dollars.

This is reported in its quarterly report for July-September 2021 by the publisher of the game, Nexters. Important: we are not talking about the revenue of the project yet, but about its receipts (bookings), that is, about the money that the players have left in the game by now (a little more about this here).

It took the game 5 years to reach this mark. The original Hero Wars was released on social media in March 2016. Its release on mobile platforms took place a year later, in March 2017. However, the game started making good money on iOS and Android only by the end of 2019 (that’s when its monthly box office broke the $1 million mark).

Today, according to AppMagic, the game earns more than $20 million a month from mobile alone. At the same time, a solid part of the proceeds (up to 30%) of Hero Wars comes from the desktop version (this is a separate build of the project, the title is not cross-platform).

Speaking about the current achievements of the game, Nexters celebrates the success of the game in Japan and South Korea. It is thanks to him that revenues from Asia have doubled over the past year (now the region is responsible for 26% of the company’s revenues).