iOS users spent the least in the game. The main part of the revenue was generated by console players. The PlayStation 4 gamers were the most generous.

This became known from court documents published as part of the dispute between Epic Games and Apple.

According to them, for the period from March 2018 to June 2020, 46.8% of Fortnite’s earnings were on PS4. The game received another 27.5% of revenue from Xbox One consoles. But the share of iOS was only 7%. The remaining 18.7% was distributed between PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

Moreover, even if the game was left in the App Store, its share of sales by the end of 2020 would still be even smaller. According to Epic, last year the share of the “Apple platform” should have accounted for 5.8% of Fortnite’s total revenue. Whereas on PS4 — about 40%, and on Xbox One — 24%.

Joe Babcock, Epic’s chief financial officer, confirmed the figures. He also noted that the Android version of the game earned less than the iOS version of Fortnite.

The company’s representatives did not say how many platforms were generated for Fortnite in dollars (there are statistics only for iOS: $700 million from release to August 2020). But note, according to preliminary estimates of the developers, only in 2020 the total revenue of the title should have exceeded $ 3.85 billion, which is 40% higher than Fortnite earnings in 2019.

The conflict between Epic and Apple broke out at the end of last summer. Apple removed Fortnite from its store after the developers introduced their own payment system into the game, which allows bypassing the App Store commission. To date, the companies have managed to exchange lawsuits several times.

The trial will take place next Monday, May 3. In it, the heads of Epic and Apple, Tim Cook and Tim Sweeney, will act as witnesses.