The new flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator impressed the players with graphics and scale. The price is extremely high requirements for gaming hardware and peripherals. Therefore, analysts believe that the game will lead to an increase in their sales.

Such conclusions were reached by the research company Jon Peddie Research. It is not yet known how many copies of MFS will be sold, but analysts suggest that the figure will easily reach 2.27 million.

Based on this amount, Jon Peddie Research calculated the cost of components, which could amount to $2.6 billion over three years. We are talking about video cards and processors, as well as joysticks, steering pedals, authentic pilot seats, etc.

“Flight simulators are incredibly demanding, and to really appreciate them, you need a large high-resolution monitor or a VR headset,” says Ted Pollak, gaming analyst at Jon Peddie. “When new simulators are released, there is not even equipment to run at maximum settings yet. Fans will always strive for the best experience, which means that the demand for equipment will be the whole life of the title.”

But according to the research company, the audience of flight simulators is solvent and can afford additional expenses.

Indirectly, the analysts’ words are confirmed by the complaints of the players. Gamers write that although the new MFS was released only three days ago, the gaming peripherals have already been sold out. At the same time, the old equipment does not work correctly in the game. In a special section in the Steam community, there is even a separate page for players with such a problem.

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