The French publisher Focus Home Interactive shared the results of the financial year that ended on March 31. The company earned €171 million. The bulk of its revenue was provided by digital sales.

Curse of the Dead GodsThe main thing from the report:

  • Focus Home Interactive’s revenue increased by 20% compared to the previous year. According to the publisher, the revenues would have been higher if not for the pandemic. They say that due to difficult conditions, “it was not possible to meet the expected standards” and had to cancel the release of a number of projects;
  • 89% of the company’s revenue was accounted for by “digit”. In fiscal year 2019, they accounted for 59% of revenue;
  • net profit increased by 2% year-on-year to €13.3 million. The company explained the low growth with a fine of €2.88 million. Recall that in January he was appointed by the European Commission for linking games on Steam to regions;
  • revenue from the sale of games from the back catalog rose by 63%. This was partly due to new content in the flagship franchises World War Z and Farming Simulator;
  • Focus Home Interactive did not disclose revenue from new products. But she noted the success of SnowRunner, Hardspace: Shipbreaker and Curse of the Dead Gods (without naming, however, their indicators);
  • in fiscal year 2021, the publisher plans to earn €150 million-€200 million.