The last three fiscal quarters (April-December 2020) have been the most profitable in history for Capcom. During this time, the Japanese corporation earned $ 622 million. This result was achieved thanks to the success of Resident Evil 3 and Monster Hunter World: Iceborn.

Resident Evil 3
We have selected the main thing from Capcom’s financial report.

General indicators

  • The company’s net sales over the past nine months amounted to 64.8 billion rubles ($622 million). This is 22.6% more than it was in April-December 2019, and a new record for Capcom.
  • Operating profit increased by 32.2% and for the first time in the history of Capcom reached the level of 24.3 billion rubles ($ 234 million).
  • Net profit reached ¥17.5 billion ($167.4 million) — an increase of 34.1%. Like the previous two indicators, this one also turned out to be a record.

Indicators of the gaming segment

  • The lion’s share of Capcom’s earnings has traditionally been brought by video games — ¥48.9 billion ($ 470 million). Also, according to the company, it was the sales of games that became a key growth factor last year.
  • The “figure” generated the most money in three quarters — ¥34.3 billion ($327.6 million). Physical sales of titles amounted to a more modest ¥99 billion ($94.5 million).
  • Revenue from mobile content has almost doubled in annual terms. Over the past three fiscal quarters, Capcom has earned ¥47 billion ($44.9 million) in mobile. For comparison, in 2019, this figure was only ¥26 billion ($24.8 million).
  • The segment’s operating profit for the reporting period amounted to ¥247 billion ($235.9 million). This is 20% more than it was at the same time in 2019.
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborn, released two years ago, showed itself especially well. From April to December 2020, the game sold 7.2 million copies on all platforms. During the same time, the circulation of Resident Evil 3 amounted to 3.6 million copies sold.
  • Capcom also noted the November release of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, but did not disclose its performance.

Note that last week the company shared a revised forecast for the entire fiscal year. In it, Capcom raised its expectations of final revenues and said it would earn $889 million by March. In the current report, the corporation also did not retract its words.