March 21 GOSU company.AI, founded by former Game Insight CEO Alice Chumachenko, has announced the closing of a $1.9 million funding round. The main investor was the venture fund Runa Capital.

In addition to him, a venture company invested in the startup Ventech, which previously invested in Pixonic, and the investment firm Sistema_VC. The latter had previously provided an unspecified amount to the Chumachenko project.

What does he do GOSU.AI ?

The startup team, consisting of 15 people today, is working on an AI assistant for gamers. According to the authors’ concept, the service evaluates how the user plays and, based on the results, gives him advice on how to do it better.

The developers call the service “a training platform for competitive game players based on artificial intelligence.” It is done with an eye on the esports audience.

There are two billion players in the world today, and 600 million of them play hardcore games such as MOBA, shooters and MMO. We can help these players realize their full potential with the help of our AI assistants.

Alice Chumachenko

Founder of GOSU.AI

Accordingly, the games that the service supports or is going to support are exclusively disciplinary. The DOTA2 assistant is located within the open beta. CS assistants are on the way:GO and PUBG. Next year GOSU.AI also wants to present solutions for Hearthstone and World of Tanks.

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