Remedy has published a financial report for 2020. During this time, Control’s sales exceeded the mark of 2 million copies, and revenue exceeded €40 million. The company also shared its development strategy for the next five years.Key indicators for the year

The company’s annual revenue amounted to €41.1 million (an increase of 29.8% in annual terms).

  • The second half of the year (July — December) was particularly successful for Remedy — during this period the company earned €17.8 million (an increase of 35.1% year-on-year).Operating profit amounted to €13.2 million (an increase of 102% in annual terms).
  • Of these, €10.1 million came in the last six months.Remedy has signed a deal with Epic Games to release two new multiplatform projects based on the company’s existing IP.
  • Epic will fully finance the development, and the studio will receive 50% of the revenue.The release of CrossFireX was postponed to 2021, and therefore Remedy had to rebuild the development team.
  • Two add-ons for Control were released during the year, and the game itself also appeared on Steam, Amazon Luna, Xbox Game Pass and on Nintendo Switch.
  • On February 2, the release of the Ultimate Edition for new generation consoles took place.Remedy Development Plan for 2021-2025

The release of several successful games, at least one of which should be a hit.

  •  Over the years, the market value of Remedy should grow, and the company itself plans to use all opportunities to promote and release its projects, including working with publishers and independent release of games.
  • In 2021, Remedy hopes to increase its revenue and profit, and the main growth is projected in the second half of the year.